Fernwood Elementary PAC Meeting

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

In attendance:

Kelda Logan, Darren Potvin-Wesley (class rep, Miss Erica), Alisha Renaud, Christie Roome, Jen Havelaar (class rep, Burgess), Brett Webb, Stephen McColl (class rep, Hingston), John Wakefield, Kate Hammond (class rep, Holmes), Kiran Dhingra , Heather McDonnell, Sharon Lee

Regrets:  Sam Chamberlain

Welcome & Introductions

Treasurer Report (Brett Webb)

  • We have a general fund and gaming fund (gaming is restricted as to how we can spend it)

  • Brett handed out a new budget

  • Gaming grant fund is larger than we expected (Yay!)

  • Hot lunch money has been brought in (about $400)

  • Save a Tape ($188)

  • Expenditures so far were for the first hot lunch.

  • Munch a lunch (online ordering) is now up and running and revenue has started rolling in.

  • Accounts as of October 31, 2017

    • Gaming $4870

    • General $7353

    • Tech $7020

  • Tech account – the money was received by PAC in 2014.  The executive at that time designated the money to upgraded tech.  But they couldn’t spend right away.  In the meantime, we received all the upgrades from the school board (wifi).  Then, the school board paid for new tech that the 2014 fund was designated for.  The school board has since told Kelda that they don’t want to be reimbursed.  

  • Brett consulted with the 2014 PAC who don’t want the money to be used for anything but tech.  And, then the teachers were consulted to find out what they need

  • Brett is left to

  • Brett will put forward a motion as follows:  That PAC commits to fulfill all tech requirements as specified by Kelda Logan and Andrew McPhee and the remainder will be re-allocated to the outdoor classroom.  ($3500 to outdoor and $3500 to tech)

    • Motion put forth by Brett Webb

    • Seconded by Stephen McColl

    • Motion unanimously passed.

  • Future tech needs are covered by the School Board.   Additionally, the gaming fund (which is restricted) can be spent on tech

Kelda Logan

  • Breakfast program – Country Grocer gift cards should be shown as an inkind on our budget

  • We have a cheque from the Lion’s Club for $15,000 for the outdoor classroom

  • $10,000 was received from SSI Foundation

  • Goal is $35,000

  • Kelda has applied to three other organizations.  The Rotary is ready for Kelda to present to them

  • The building permit has been applied for

  • There has been a call for proposals to contractors (chosen by the district, local SSI contractors)

  • All classes will have access to the outdoor classroom

  • Kelda will do recognition – including a plaque with donor names

  • Darren has a good relationship with the Driftwood and has offered to reach out to them to publicize our success.  He also works at Slegg.

NEXT MEETING:  Re-visit the outdoor classroom goal.  We will want to discuss the possibility of a direct appeal if we are still short

  • Remebrance Day Celebration – November 9.  (It’s also PJ day.  Kelda and the two firebirds presenting will wear dressier clothes for the ceremony)

  • The week of November 14th – 16th is a three-day school week

  • The growth plan will be available by next PAC meeting

  • Kelda is replenishing our earthquake bins (water, granola bars, etc)

  • In the Spring, Fernwood will run an emergency scenario with the whole school.  It will be an empowering exercise with roll play and not intended to frighten or worry the students

  • Thank you to the PAC and the McColls (Stephen’s mother has been making food for our students) for the contributions towards the Breakfast Program.  6 - 10 kids are regularly not receiving breakfast.  There could easily be more kids.

  • Stephen has determined that the breakfast program could easily use an additional $1000

  • Stephen has enough money for the next three months

  • Brett has determined that the PAC would be able to provide $250 for the remaining months in the school year

John Wakefield – School Liason for the District

  • District website has a great photo of our Star Wars teachers

  • District website is a great resource

  • It is a district goal to support and enhance learning through appropriate technology

  • The school board is working on an appeal for the enrollment audit finding

  • Operational Plan – will be revisited – they are looking at a risk assessment (anything from emergencies to funding and enrolment).  They are hoping to report out on this soon.

  • We need a new DPAC rep

Fundraising (Alisha)

  • NEW fundraising idea

  • DFS Canada (includes Christmas gift wrapping paper as well as other gift items)  


  • The deadline is November 17th for ordering – we get 40% - 50% per item (depending on the item)

  • Alisha will send out information to the class reps on how to order – there is an easy online system.

  • Darren is fundraising – he’s talking with Slegg and Wilco.  Both businesses are willing to donate.

Garden (Alisha)

  • Garden – the trellis needs replacing and we need a cover.  

  • Darren will find two picnic tables

  • Christie & Loch will donate one

  • Alain Grange and Nathanal Renaud – are willing to put the time in for the garden.  They have approached Windsor to get an additional discount for Fernwood

  • Alain will put together a proposal for the work

  • Alain and Nathanal will do the work for free

  • Kelda has a small amount of money left over from the farm to table program – money that was designated for garden upgrades

  • Heather can talk to Foxglove (garlic and flower bulbs)

  • Tammi Benoit said that she would come and help with the garden.

  • We would like one more volunteer to help in the garden

  • Alisha will send out looking for a volunteer

Hot Lunch & Breakfast Program (Alisha)

  • Already covered above

Scholastic Book Fair – Set up November 16 (Thursday)

  • Jen will help with set-up (Jen will bring one table)

  • Sam will help with set-up

  • Christie will help with set-up (Christie will bring two tables)

  • Alisha will help with set-up

  • If we need an extra table, Brett has one

  • Christie is going to create a sign-up for Scholastic Book Fair

RRRR Gift Exchange

  • Christie is going to create a sign-up for the RRRR Gift exchange

  • Alisha and Sam have started collecting

Christmas Concert & Bake Sale

  • Cali is heading the bake sale - put on next agenda.

  • Idea to get craft paper that can be decorated by the classes – we should ask the teachers if they would welcome this art project

  • We will talk more about the Christmas Concert & Bake Sale next meeting – put on next agenda   

  • Heather (Curtis’ Class) will do a garden themed basket for raffle

  • Kate (Holmes Class) will do parent night

  • Darren (Miss Erica’s class) will do Baking

  • Kiran (Miss Bains) will do Games Night

  • Jen (Miss Burgess) will do Movie Night

  • Sharon will do Kitchen

  • Stephen (Hingston) Tea Time

Next PAC Meeting:  Monday, December 4th @ 6:15pm

At Penny’s Pantry – which is licenced and has gluten free options.  😉

See you There!

4 October 2017

Fernwood PAC


Cheryl Roehlig, Alisha Renaud, John Wakefield, Sam Chamberlain, Brett Webb, Kelda Logan, Kate Hammond, Heather McDonnell, Christie Roome

Class Reps

-Alisha explained how class reps work.  They are the link to PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) for each classroom in our school

-Every parent is automatically part of the PAC when they have a child registered in the school

-We ask that one parent from each class be a rep and if possible come to PAC meetings if possible

-Class reps help with Christmas raffle and Fun Fair

Treasurer Report

-Brett shared copies of the budget and summarized some points

-we ended the year with $1400 surplus

-overall we stayed under budget (YAY!)

-This was with no Christmas Fundraiser (raffle but no bake sale)

-Sam ran a great hot lunch program, which helped immensely

-We receive a community gaming grant once a year, we will possibly get $3400 this year

-We are thinking of doing 50/50 tickets at the Christmas concert this year

-we hope to make money off the hot lunch program, but we don’t bank on this

-Gaming can pay for art supplies, sports, possibly extra music supplies, equipment and field trips (we have restrictions on how this fund can be spent.  It can’t be spent on anything operational or general school funding)

-We put new t-shirts into the budget

-We support the grade 5 grads – by each student a copy of “Oh The Places You Will Go.”

Motion to accept the budget:  Christie Roome

Seconded by:  Alisha Renaud

All in favour:  Yes (Yay!)

Musical Playground – Agenda Item

-Brett is going to look at the budget

-Next PAC meeting we will discuss what we can do around this.

-Christie will contact Paul

Kelda - Technology

-We finally have secure and stable wi-fi

-We are trying to figure out where we are at with our technology needs

-The district paid for a whole load of technology

-Kelda will be contacting the district to see if they have increased the budget for technology to cover some of the basics

-If so, she has ideas on how to spend PAC tech fun

-(Brett)There is a rolling surplus that we want spend ($7000), though leaving about $3000 for a cushion.

-We want to revitalize the playground (more options for kids at recess)

-We will meet as a staff team with PAC input into how we can revitalize the playground

-The PAC has to apply for Ministry grants (Min. of Education) – it’s on the BC Ed website

-Gaming has a community capitol expenditure grant that could be used for the playground

-The long term plan is to replace some of the structures

-Short term is to add new features

-games on the pavement (using paint)

-making chalk boards out of wood

-We just have to work with the school maintenance staff to do this

-Playbox ($1500)  the box is full of playground equipment that the kids can access through a combination lock (If PAC could help with this, that would be great)

Outdoor classroom

-Kelda has been actively seeking funds

-Kelda will be meeting with the engineer next week to discuss building permits from the CRD

-Once we have permits, we can put out a call for proposal for the building

-There is a possibility that PAC could create a direct appeal to parents to get the remaining funds

-Kelda will keep working on her fundraising channels and when she reaches $35,000, she will call for proposals

-If the estimate of $35,000 is short, then PAC will do a direct appeal to parents

Fernwood School Code of Conduct

-Kelda shared and summarized the school code of conduct

-This includes the three “Rs” – Respectful, Responsible, Reaching Out

-The three “Rs” is supported by the BC Human Rights Code

-The document lists what the goals are and what the consequences are for those who do not act on the three “Rs”

-Fernwood adopts a proactive approach

-We encourage parents to contact the school if there are any questions or concerns

-this document is reviewed on a regular basis

Growth Plan

-Christie attended the Framework day

-Reading was our focus last year, but will also roll over to this year.  This includes additional reading resources

-The “bigs” will read with the “littles,” they will be peer coach readers and help with strategies

-Zones of regulation

-Continuing with the three “Rs”

-We will be adding in a focus on communication this year

-We don’t feel like our kids our excellent listeners and so we want to help them with this

-There is a document under core competencies that is on the Ministry website

-We will be creating a shiny growth plan that we will share with PAC

Food – Agenda Item

-We receive donations for food in the school, but there is concern that kids are still hungry

-We should revisit the idea of a breakfast program.

-it’s less about money and more about volunteers

-it doesn’t need to be fancy – maybe a banana, yogurt and/or half a bagel with some cream cheese

-Can we please put this on a future agenda?  How can we do this easily?


-Sam is working on getting a logo created for the sports t-shirt

-The school mascot will be the Fernwood Firebirds


-Hot lunches are so organized.  Yay!  Sam!

Safe Arrival

-Alisha will talk to Jamaica

-Alisha will do Tuesdays and Thursdays

-Heather will talk Jamaica about alternating Wednesdays

-Kate can do Mondays

-Christie will be an official back up

Scholastic Bookfair

-Week of November 20th

-Christie will help with set-up on Thursday, November 16th after school

-Alisha and Susan Davenport will be there

-Christie will bring tables

-Leah will send out the sign up Genius sign up for parents to volunteer for the fair

-The RRRR gift exchange needs to be organized earlier

-We will also put a call-out for extra tape, paper, labels

-Added events

-Spring Fling – a fundraiser on March 15

-$10 family entry

-Soft drinks, pop corn, chips

-Alisha has lights

-Kelda will propose that each class make a paper mache flower that Alisha will decorate (Christie will help)

-Andrew will do music / sound

-pizza by the slice

-Fun Fair – May 25

-Sports Day

-No date yet

-spoon races, potato sack races, wheel barrow races

-PAC sponsored Spaghetti night?  

Next Meeting:

Wednesday November 1st

Future Meetings:

Monday December 4th

Wednesday January 10th

Monday February 5th (I am away for this meeting so it's good that it's on a Monday as Sam will be able to Chair the meeting)

Wednesday March 7th

Monday April 9th

Wednesday May 2nd

Monday June 4th

Hello Everyone!  Hope you all had an amazing summer!  Can't believe we're back to school this week!  

Just wanted to check in and let you all know some things that are going on this first week and through September from the Fernwood PAC...

On Friday morning after drop off (8:30), PAC will be hosting a coffee/tea/donuts get together in the library for an hour or so...for new and existing parents to meet each other and the Fernwood PAC.  For this year, we're really excited to have Christie Roome serve as our PAC secretary and Brett Webb will be returning as our Treasurer.  Helen Buck will be assisting Brett with accounting activities as well!  We're looking for support from lots of parents this year to help out with the assortment of events and activities that our PAC team manages.  I'll be sending out a separate email highlighting what's on our schedule for this year and where we're looking for support.  

We are in the process of finalizing our PAC meeting schedule -- it looks like we will be having our meetings the first Wednesday of every month.  Coming out for these meetings is a great way to meet other parents and to help frame what we want to do as a PAC community to support our school.  At our first PAC meeting we'll be primarily focusing on what our budget looks like for the year and what key fundraising activities are on our calendar.  

Forms for hot lunch should go out sometime this month and our goal is to start hot lunch sometime in October.  

We will be updating our communications list to include all new students and parents to ensure we have everyone folded into PAC communication.  Apologies to new parents who may not be on our list for the next couple of weeks!

Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.  Remember tomorrow is an abbreviated day (from 8:30 to 10)...please see the email from Leah to get all of the details on what this first week looks like for parents and students!

Looking forward to a great year!!!

Cheryl, PAC Chair
(September 4, 2017)

Email: November 2nd:
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pass along some really important updates with regard to things going on at Fernwood.

Scholastic Book Sale
The Scholastic Book Sale is being held in our school library from November 14 through November 16.  On Monday and Wednesday, book sale hours will be open to all Fernwood Parents from 8:30 to 3:30pmOn Tuesday, the book sale will be open to the community from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  We really need parents to help assist with this event -- a link to volunteer was sent out earlier this week.  This is a big fundraiser to build much needed resources in our school library so if you have an hour or so to assist, that would be great!  Thanks so much to Susan Davenport, Alisha Renaud and Annie Mack for stepping up to organize this event!

Christmas Concert
The Christmas Concert, Bake Sale and Raffle is on December 9 which is just more than a month away!  We are looking for parents to get involved to make this special event for our school and the kids a success.  This event is a significant part of our fundraising for the year so we really need parents to make this happen.  There are three ways to get involved:

Planning Committee -- we are looking for 8 to 10 parents who can help plan and execute this event.  We'll meet probably one to two hours per week to get things organized...and then all hands on deck for the actual day of the event.   This is going to be a fun please email me at or Annie Mack at to get involved.

Raffle Committee -- We are looking for parents who have connections to local merchants, whether it's a spa, retailer, etc., to help gather prizes for our raffle.  We are starting this initiative next week so if you're interested in getting involved, please let me know!  

Bake Sale -- thank you to Cali Chang for organizing the Fernwood Bake Sale again this year.  We are looking for parents to bring baked goodies to the event!!!  This is also a big part of our fundraising initiative so we're hoping lots of parents will get involved!

Thanks so much in advance for helping out...

We will be using the PAC Facebook page to let you all know of key things going on at the school.  If anyone has any comments or feedback, please feel free to connect with me via email or in person and I'd be happy to chat or pass along your thoughts.  While we welcome all feedback (positive and negative) we really want the Fernwood PAC Facebook page to be a positive experience for all parents. 

I will also be sending out bi-monthly PAC emails to keep you all in the loop with what's going on with certain PAC activities and programs.  Leah's weekly update provides loads of information each week for parents so don't want to be redundant.  

PAC Secretary
We still have an opening for the PAC Secretary.  The responsibilities for this role are to essentially take minutes at our PAC meeting (once a month) and to help assist with some other light administrative activities.  If you are interested, please let me know!  We really need a secretary!

November PAC Meeting
I just wanted to let everyone know that Tuesday, November 8 is our next PAC meeting.  I will be hosting the meeting at my home -- and we encourage parents to attend to keep apprised of what's going on at our school!  My address is 171 Chu-An Drive, just off of Vesuvius Bay Road.  Feel free to bring an appie to share and whatever you want to drink.  The meeting will take place from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Here's the agenda for this month's meeting:

Agenda for November PAC Meeting

Welcome & Introductions – Cheryl 

Principals Update – Kelda

PAC Communications Framework (Facebook, Emails, etc.) – Cheryl

Review and Finalize Survey Monkey PAC Questionnaire – Cheryl

Timeline for Fernwood Direct Appeal -- Cheryl

Fernwood Scholastic Book Sale Update – Alisha & Annie

Plan for Christmas Concert, Raffle & Bake Sale – Cheryl & Annie

Update to PAC Fundraising and Financials – Brett & Cheryl

Closing Comments – All 

That's it for now.  Thanks!

Cheryl (mom to Fana, Grade 5)

Dates for PAC Meetings for School Year -- 
The dates for this year's PAC meetings are:  November 8,December 6, February 7, March 7, May 9 and June 6


PAC Meeting Minutes from January 27th 3:30 pm 

Meeting attended by:

Patrick Ashford, Brettney Webb, Kelda Logan, John Wakefield, Dawna-Rae Friesen, Sarah Hennessy, Camilla Anderson, Helen Buck, Kiran Dhingra, Nicola Byron

Patrick Ashford has served as our PAC president for the 2015/2016 school year.  However, after this year he will no longer have children attending Fernwood School.  Therefore, he will be stepping down as president which means this position will need to be filled. Thank you Patrick for your time and effort spent as our president.

Kelda shared some school news.  

There will be a Spring concert on the evening of June 2.  Whitney Walker has been working with our student choir to perform at this concert.  And some great news, the Child Honouring Foundation has bought risers for students to use during all concerts.  PAC to send a thank you card. (Nicola and Helen)

It’s time for kindergarten registration.  New students registration starts Feb. 9. 

Donald Gunn has been designing an outdoor classroom.  When the plans are completed, it will be presented to the Lions Club for funding.  The building should seat 30+ students.

There has been a curriculum transformation in the BC School district.  The content has not changed, but grade 4 math, for example, has gone from 27 pages to 4 pages.  “Big Ideas” will be learned and discussed during teachers administrative days.  More information for parents will be coming in the new school year 2016/2017.

Spring Break has been changed for students so that teachers have time to meet and plan around the transformed cirriculum.  Spring Break will now be March 21 to March 31.  School will be back in session on April 4th.  

Some teachers may be changing the way they report students’ achievements and progress each term.  One idea would be a student led conference and some teachers are interested in showing student learning with pictures and exemplars.   Parents/guardians would meet up with their child and teacher to learn what they’ve learned and studied that term.  Term 2 may be a bit different for some parents/students and teachers, but term 3 will report in a more traditional way.

Andrew McPhee joined Kelda for the technology update.

The district’s tech team has done a lot of work increasing internet speeds. They went from 1.5 to 30 megs/second.  20 x faster!!  Yay!  Andrew is the tech representative in our district, and reported that both iPads and chrome books are wanted for students.  The cost of iPads will be approx. $70,000.  The cost for 30 mobile chrome books with license will be about $13,000.  The PAC executive from 2014/2015 motioned to set aside $7000 last year to be spent on the school’s technology.  The district will also assist in purchasing the new technology.  Kelda has applied for a $25K grant as well.  As iPads are costly, they will be purchased 5 at a time.  The chrome books will be purchased quickly because of the PAC’s technology donation.

John Wakefield shared board office planning and policy changes.

Committee day at the board office will discuss strategic planning.  They will draft a plan of goals, such as technology, and this will be put forward to parents for feedback.

The alcohol policy has been updated.  There is no alcohol allowed on field trips.  No alcohol at any fundraising events when children are involved.  When Salt Spring hosts the annual May Long Weekend Soccer tournament, they will be allowed to apply for a liquor license to have a beer garden on school property.  

Brettney Webb, our new treasurer, reviewed our financial summary.

Our checking acct balance at Island Savings is $4758.

The savings acct holds $7010, set aside for technology.

Bank of Montreal gaming acct balance$2700.

Our Christmas raffle raised $2475.  Brett will complete and submit the government report to confirm funds raised.  Helen (former treasurer) will assist if needed.

It was discussed and agreed upon to allow Brettney access to all our bank accounts.  Because our PAC executive will be changing, we decided to  wait until September to update our signing authorities.  We will write a letter allowing Brettney access to our accounts.

The feedback about offering gluten free pizza was positive, however the cost of gluten free pizza was surprising.  It was explained that one pizza with 8 slices cost $40.  We don’t have any other options right now other than uptown pizza.  There was mention made of some parents wanting to supply and cook gluten free pizza to serve on pizza day.

Pool night Feb 4th paid for by the PAC.  No early birds allowed please.  Pool nights run from 6:30-7:30  Early birds must pay!

Pink shirt day is approaching, do we have enough to go around?  As we do not, we will place an order at Persnickety for more pink shirts.  Each student is given a pink shirt and some fabric markers to write a positive message about anti bullying.  The students will wear their shirts all day to advertise their message.  The shirts are recycled each year so that the shirt the students receive will not be the same shirt they wrote on the previous year, but their messages are added to their new shirts.  New pens will be needed and bought.

Fernwood Fun Fair is May 27th.  It was suggested that a Fun Fair committee be formed.  New games and new prize ideas are needed.  This will be discussed further at the next PAC meeting on Feb. 17, 2016, 6:00pm.  

Someone asked about installing a water dispenser in the school.  It was explained that in the past, this idea was rejected by PAC because of the monthly maintenance fee of $200.  

The school is purchasing some stream monitoring equipment.  It was decided that the funds for this could be paid for by the PAC.  We queried as to whether the gaming account could be used for this as it does benefit the students.  Brett will confirm this, and a cheque will be written from the gaming acct or ISCU.

Dawna-Rae Friesen announced she will be moving.  She is currently the kindergarten class representative, Sarah Hennessey offered to take over as class rep.  Thank you for volunteering Sarah, and thank you Dawna-Rae for your time volunteered.

Proposed date for March meeting is March 16th. 

Last PAC Meeting: Wednesday, November 18th 3:40 pm in the staffroom 
Meeting Notes:

FERNWOOD PAC MEETING MINUTES:   Meeting Date:  November 18 3:40 pm (staff room)

In Attendance:  Patrick Ashford, Cali Chang, Kiran Dhingra, Kelda Logan, John Wakefield, Kate Hosie, Sarah Hennessey, Dawna Rae Friesen,  Camilla Anderson, Helen Buck, Tony Brinks, Leah Ashford.

Thanks to Patrick for the pizza!  Wow!

  1. Patrick reviews “what does PAC do?” for our new members...

  2. Brett Webb is taking over for Helen Buck as Treasurer.  Thanks to Helen for her many years of service to PAC!

  3. Dinner and Dance - spaghetti dinner and dance.  6pm - 8pm.  IF people want to help, that would be great - serving salad for 30 minutes.  This is a free event.  There will be gluten free options.  If your dinner request form is late, then you can come but may not be able to eat as we planned for 125 people and received 50 forms late.  Clean up after the event would be helpful.

  4. Christmas Concert:  Helen will organize and apply for raffle license.  Need prizes to be donated!  Went through a list of donors and members signed up to ask.  Gift baskets: could the class reps organize the basket themes and gifts that go in there.  Bake sale.  Bring in your baking.  Cali to organize the baking.  

  5. Emergency bins:  District has provided first aid kits and water bags.  Kelda to inquire about granola bars.  This may be an ongoing PAC donation.

  6. Any vision for events?  Please put it out there.  The school and PAC will support you.

  7. Pool nights?  We have had them.  Do we want them?  They don’t cost much.  Try one in January.

  8. PAC projects: outdoor classroom

  9. Wellness network  - youth and families @ Royal Roads.  6 spaces.  

  10. FUEL: 15 spots available re Sexual Health curriculum through DPAC.

  11. Scholastic Book Fair.  Didn’t love the quality of books, they are commercial.

  12. RRRR: items are coming in daily, wrappers are needed each day for when they are available - times flexible to wrap the gifts after the child has chosen them. Wrapping paper is also needed.

Next meeting: January 2016

If you have any questions or comments or are interested in a PAC Executive position and would like more information about it, please email
The Treasurer Position is open for the 2015-2016 School Year.  The position is being filled until then by Helen Buck. 

Introducing Your PAC Classroom Representatives for this year: 
Kindergarten Class - Dawna Rae Friesen 
1/2 Class - Glenn May 
2/3 Class - Camilla Anderson 
K-3 Ms Erika - Brett Webb 
K-3 Ms Megan - Kate Hosie 
3/4 Class - Helen Buck and Christie Roome
4/5 Class - Kiran Dhingra 

The PAC would like to thank the above parents for volunteering as Class Reps.  Now each of our 7 classrooms has a parent assigned to the role of Classroom Representative (co-parent representatives is an option).  Reps will act as a liaison between parents in the classroom and PAC. Each Rep will decide on how they wish to be contacted should parents want to contact them (ie. by email) and will contribute agenda items for discussion at PAC meetings.  The next PAC meeting will be Wednesday, November 18 (time TBA - evening or afterschool in the School Staffroom).

From you PAC Exectuve:
Patrick Ashford, President
Helen Buck, Treasurer
Nicola Byron and Leah Ashford, PAC Executive Secretaries

Please consider getting involved in the school community by joining PAC - the officially recognized collective voice of parents in the school! 

The first PAC meeting of the year will be held Tuesday, September 29 at 3:30 pm in the FERNWOOD  library. We will introduce our new PAC President, our current Treasurer, and your PAC Secretaries. We are looking for volunteers to fill the executive positions of Treasurer and DPAC (the representative to the District) and for helping hands for jobs big and small. 

High priority volunteer needs that concern your child NOW are:

1) Safe Arrival (please reply if you would like the opportunity to be present in the school for an extra half hour when you drop your child off at school once per week). Now would be a good time to let us know if you would not like the the parent volunteer to call you at home if your child is not at school when they should be. (some parents do not participate if they drop their child off directly for example)

2) Hot Lunches (please reply if you can help out once per month to deliver lunch to classrooms at 12:15 pm on a hot lunch day - you would need to be available starting at 11:30 am)

3) Lice Checks (please reply if you can be 1 of 4 parents available on a mondaytuesday, or wednesday morning from 9 to 11 or part of that - we have 2 very kind :) volunteers already and will not start until we have 4 due to the size of the school population)

If you would like to respond to this email or communicate with FERNWOOD PAC please send an email to reply directly to this email). 

Thank you! 


Minutes from June Meeting:
PAC Meeting Minutes - June 11th, 2015 (Library)

Present: Nicola Byron, Helen Buck, Leah Ashford, Kelda Logan, John Wakefield, Cali Chang, Karlis Lejnieks, Sharon Lee
Parent and District64 Tech Rep: Allisha Ochs

Principal;s Report (Kelda Logan)
There is a lot going on this week: Ks and 1s at Duck Creek Park Conservancy Trips, SIMS band coming to promote band; public library visit; ELF year end beach party; 4/5 science fair, Strawberry Grade 5 Tea; Family Picnic; Mural Opening; Student Led Conferences in Ms. Kennedy's Class; Field Trip for McPhee Class to Horne Lake; Field Trip for Kennedy Class to Aquarium. 
- Diane Kray is Retiring from our Student Support Services position
-We have been invited to participate in a Literacy Program for trained parent volunteers to read to children in the school. If know of any person who might like to do this, please let Kelda know. 
-WildBC Water Conservation Projects will continue at Fernwood next year.
-Kids for Creeks fundraiser idea to sell raffle tickets for a bicycle from Outspoken. Other schools okay with profits being more heavily weighted toward Fernwood to make up for our increase in transportation costs when field trips occur. John Wakefield volunteered to talk to Sean at Outspoken. Karlis volunteered to make tickets when ready. 

Questionnaire to parents 2014 reported interest in updating our technology
We have fairly significant funds that could be allocated. Perry Ruehlen and Helen Buck presented proposal for Apple TV at May Staff Meeting. Allisha Ochs, one of the District 64 Tech staff, informed us that our current internet "ability" cannot support this at this time however after December 2015 it may be able to. She is exploring Google nexus, chrome; mentions Apple would be consistent with pre-existing set up at Fernwood. It was decided that we will address this again in the new school year. Sharon Lee expressed appreciation and mentioned the need for a new projector and Kelda mentioned perhaps a new TV. It was "passed" at the meeting that all at the table agreed that $7000 of PAC funds would be "earmarked" for technology upgrades or purchases in the 2015-2016 year. 

Treasurer Report (Helen Buck) - report attached
- Helen applied for the Gaming Grant June 11th
-ISCU:  13, 030.97
-BMO:    137.66
-Fun Fair: profit: 835.96
-printing the providing school calendars will be reconsidered by Kelda
-request by Leah & Kelda for contribution (as is usually done) for retirement gifts and field trip angel fund. - will be talked over and decision made by last week of June. 

Trustee's Report (John Wakefield)
-Draft motion on Alcohol will be discussed in future
-Fee Policy Approved - posted on District webpage
-Student Assessments - Ministry is trying to decide on how to assess students; guidelines by end of June with feedback at a later time.

PAC Executive Positions:
Patrick Ashford was voted in as President
Leah Ashford will stay on as Secretary sharing position with Nicola Byron
Open Positions: Treasurer, Vice and DPAC

Minutes from Fernwood PAC Meeting - Thursday 29th January, 3.30 – 5:00 pm pm in the library


In attendance:

PAC Executive: Nicola Byron, Leah Ashford, Helen Buck


Principal: Kelda Logan  School Trustee:  John Wakefield


Parents: Christie Roome, Kathleen Down, Sandy Guedes, Jennifer Holmes



A. Treasurer's Report (see Appendix)

ISCU balance - $13,422.03

BMO balance - $4,778.91

December fundraisers

Bake Sale profit $337.18

Raffle profit $2,795.17

January fundraisers

Games night profit $480.50 (less ice cream cost)

Non-fundraiser outgoings since Nov 12th

Appreciation gifts $102.41

Envelopes $19.64

Coffee, lice check toothpicks $11.43

Movie night licence reimbursement $157.50


B. School trustee update: Our new trustee, John Wakefield (replaces Kathryn Byers) introduced himself; let us know about his general philosophy of coming to listen and helping with input when needed (will come to PAC meetings at schools usually at the beginning of each meeting to report and may depart meeting depending on agenda and if we feel he should stay - he will meet with the school (Kelda) once per month one week before District 64 Board meetings. He had 5 items he wanted to share: 1) the Board is seeking input on the 2014-2015 4 day Instructional Week Calendar - see the district webpage and Fernwood webpage; 2) there is a conversation going on with Superintendent, Lisa Halstead, regarding "flexible learning options"; shared in Feb 3) John sits on 4 o 18 committees and is also the liaison to SIMS (Salt Spring Middle School) 4) fee policies are currently being discussed (field trips; school supply fee for example) and reviewed; link availabe upon request (policies are being 'tightened up')  5) budget process upcoming. 


C. Emergency kits

Emergency Bins – Sandy with Christie Roome helping

Leah Will get new class lists ready to put in bins

H20 bottles and granola to be replaced

extra individual bags for new admits

new bins for Moray kennedy's class 

Laura Morgan our custodian is the health and safety rep for the CUPE union; Sharon is the Teacher rep for Fernwood and Leah is the staff rep for Fernwood

(note there is a peanut allergy in Kindergarten)


D. Pre-Christmas fundraising review

   Silent auction won't coincide with Christmas Concert in the future

better if we assign classes to one of the 6 themes for the basket to take ownership of filling the basket

take home raffle prizes the night of concert; means drawing the night of the concert – this will work when the date of the concert is “late” vs “early” which alternates from year to year due to sharing chairs with the other elementary schools – it will work for the 2015 Concert as the concert will take place “later in December” giving enough time to sell tickets and draw that night and therefore ask winners to take the prize home when they leave


E. Game Night Review

 Game night was well attended. 66 kids attended and 14 parent volunteers. The event was 3 hours long and there was feedback that it could have been shorter in duration if we hold one again. $497 was raised with all proceeds going 100% to the purchasing cost ($900) for the xylophones for the music classes.



F. Family Swim nights proposal

Family Swim Nights – Helen has booked nights at Rainbow Pool Feb 19, Mar 12, Apr 23, Sat May 30 and June 13 (TBA)


G. Pizza and Hot Dog Days

– free one will coincide with a pool night (ended up being the 5 P day Feb 19: free pool,pizza, play at ArtSpring, Pirate day in gym and pajama day)

Jen Holmes and Christie offer to help with any angel fund activities that may come about

Glockenspiels purchase for Whitney Walker 25 or 30

Glockenspiels – Whitney will get back to Kelda about the xylophones (30 xylophones were purchased and delivered 27 plus tax each about $900  early March)


H. Safe arrival - subs have been found to cover when volunteers cannot attend - all four days covered now - safe arrival is a volunteer driven initiative done at Fernwood and not necesarily at other schools unless a volunteer program is in place; 


I. Fernwood Fun Fair

There will be a fun fair planning meeting solely for the purpose of ordering prizes, creating a volunteer schedule and ordering food.


J.Lice check - a lice check needs to be done; follow up

Popcorn maker - contemplating selling it; we have enough small poppers in case needed for a fundraiser (upcoming fundraiser coming for Grade 4/5 firebirds to raise money for a field trip "popcorn sale" in Spring


K. Exec positions for 2015-2016 - Nicola Byron resigned as President for the 2015-2016 year; Helen Buck resigned as Treasurer for the 2015-2016 year; Leah will find descriptions of the roles and Nicola and Helen will notify Fernwood School community of vacant "posts" to be filled (this process is usually be election - Helen will research this process)


L. Summer picnic for June idea - Family Picnic occurs on the evening of the week in June when there is a Friday "in session" school day - June 19th (update as of March…coincide with “Launch Party/Recognition of Farm to School Garden Program” for 2015-16 year.)


M. Anti-bullying day - Wednesday, Feb 26 - markers and shirts will be distributed to teachers for kids to write on shirts and keep shirts until next year; shirts will need to be washed and returned to basement for storage until next year. 



N. Sandbox roof

current PAC executive has decided to discontinue pursuing the sandbox roof for the following reasons: - the quote we received was too expensive

- a roof over the sandbox was not originally intended

casts a shadow on Linda Burgess's Grade 1 classroom window

so far there have been no complaints from staff, children or parents

- it will be left open to the next upcoming PAC executive

In the meantime, new sand will be purchased, new toys and shovels and consideration of a winch (Karlis Lejnieks to be consulted regarding the winch)



O. PAC how-to manual

discussion of “how-to-manual” for passing forward the roles of the PAC; Nicola says it is currently being written and asks that people keep in mind for present and future activities; 


P. Ideas for spending gaming $  (field trips, sports equipment, pool nights) 

Ideas for spending non-gaming $ field trips, pizza/hot dog 


Ideas for spending gaming money: badminton nets, floor hockey goalie mask and protective gear; ideas for non-gaming (PAC Donation toward School Mural $1000 approved)



Next meeting TBA (in April); A Fernwood Fun Fair planning meeting will be in the interim.


(minutes prepared by Leah Ashford, PAC Executive Secretary)

If you have any questions or comments or are interested in a PAC Executive position and would like more information about it, please email


PAC Meeting Notes – November 12th, 2014


Executive Present: Nicola Byron, Leah Ashford, Karlis Lejnieks, Patrick Ashford (Helen Buck away) 

Principal: Kelda Logan

Parents attending: Bruce Dow, Kathleen Dow, Jane Lizotte, Glenn May, Karen Ahlskog,

Cali Chang, Christie Roome

1)      Art Card Fundraiser suggestion: Christie Roome (Spring)

2)      Movie Night fundraiser: overall a success ($485 raised); will purchase a xylophone for music program; instead of movie alternate idea of Game Night suggested (date set for Jan 22)

3)      Kelda: art installation; Fernwood’s 3 Rs (respect, responsibility, reaching out) embodied in a whole school art project (First Nations totem pole/mural); request for partial funding

4)      Scholastic Book Fair: purchases at November’s fair in amount of $2655 resulted in over 300 books going to Library and classroom wishlists

5)      Christmas Raffle and Bake Sale: 6 large gift baskets will be raffled off in addition to any prizes donated by local businesses and/or community members; each classroom will do a basket theme (chocolate, date night, kitchen, family night at home, garden, pamper mom and dad); Leah will send home a handout; parents will be emailed to ask for any donations to the raffle; bake sale rep: Cali Chang; raffle printing: Karlis Lejnieks; obtaining prizes: Nicola Byron; licence: Helen Buck; grand prizes donated at meeting (Lizotte family iPAD mini; Ashford family cord of wood)

6)      Silent Auction items: possibility of doing it online once a month with an item donated (bird houses being built by Education Assistant, Catherine Shaw-Pomajzl with students and she is also donating a handmake quilt)


Financial Report: Helen Buck

As at 12th Nov

Island Savings balance $12,631.64

BMO balance $1,854.80


Activity in Oct/Nov:

Gaming grant of $1,880.00 received Oct 7th.

Cheque to FES of $1,250.00 for 5 x $250 class field trip contribution.

Cheque to L Ashford for $16 for movie night popcorn.

Deposits from Country Grocer tapes for $127.50 and $88.31.



Next meeting: in January (TBA)


Welcome to the Fernwood Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Webpage

What does PAC do?
We do all kinds of things above and beyond giving advice. Here's the short version:
  • Advise and assist the school or students when needed.
  • Organize PAC activities and events.
  • Raise PAC funds that are used for the students and school.
  • Recruit volunteers, contributors and donors for all of the above.

What or Who is PAC?
PAC operates as a non-profit organization created to support, encourage, and improve the quality of education and the well-being of the students in Fernwood Elementary School.
All parents are automatically members of PAC, but usually when we talk about "PAC" it means those of us at the meetings or the PAC executive team itself. Becoming a PAC member is easy, all you have to do is come along! You will be showered with appreciation and invited to do a few easy things here and there to keep PAC running.

This year your PAC council's executive team is: Sandy Guedes and Nicola Byron - Co-Presidents, Helen Buck - Treasurer,    Alyson Pilon and Leah Ashford - Co-Secretaries. We also have regular member attendees and contributors such as Karlis Lejnieks, Cali Chang and Louise Faulkner.

Where and When do we meet?
We try to meet monthly, and generally it is after school in the library. There are usually refreshments, and we are happy to arrange childcare - just let us know ahead of time. It does help if you can come every month, but when something happens and you miss a meeting, we get it - we all have kids!

What can you do?
You can help out with PAC in many and divers ways:
  • Participate as a PAC council member.
  • Come to meetings and tell us what you think.
  • Come to meetings and listen.
  • Avoid the meetings but volunteer for PAC events. Once only, twice or more - it's up to you.
  • Help out with something else. Maybe you think something needs doing at Fernwood; maybe you have a skill or talent we need: please come in and let us know!
  • You want to help but you're habitually swamped? Even if you just attend a few meetings and occasionally help us find volunteers for PAC activities and events, we still want you!

What have we done this year so far....
Volunteers have helped with Safe Arrival calls, Snow chain phoning, Pizza Days, counting Country Grocer Save-a-Tape receipts, Scholastic Book Fair, Lice checks, Hot Dog Days, Family Swimming Night, bake sales, Christmas raffle, garden work parties, and reporting. The Fun Fair is coming soon, it's always the Friday after the Victoria Day Monday.  We are busy ordering prizes, food, planning games and will send out an email "volunteer sign-up" for running the games and food sales closer to the event. 

Questions or Concerns?
Any questions or comments can be directed to (Helen Buck manages this email).

PAC Newsletters 
(thank you to Helen Buck for creating and distributing the Fernwood PAC Newsletters)

PAC Meeting Minutes (next meeting February 20th, postponed)

PAC Fundraising Initiatives

Purchase Mabel's Labels (washable adhesive labels for clothing and shoes)

Cambell's Soup - Labels for Education program
Please bring in your product labels - follow this link to see all the eligible products (tip: click on the link near the top of the page for a full listing).

Country Grocer
Please continue to bring in your receipts - they help pay for field trips and other great opportunities for our students!

Other PAC information

PAC Constitution and Bylaws (coming soon).