A Day in the Life...

posted Nov 27, 2014, 4:30 PM by Kelda Logan
It's not always easy to describe the job of Principal to people.  I do many things, from cleaning up spills in the hall, zipping up coats, teaching reading strategies, meeting with parents, connecting with community members, observing students in classes, writing funding grants, planning future school growth, and generally solving the problems that come up every day so that the school runs as smoothly as possible and learning happens!
On Wednesday, I decided to write my activities down for the day, so that others could see a day in my life here at Fernwood.   This day is not typical in that it was early dismissal day, but was typical in that there were a range of things that I was doing throughout the day.   I'll post another one of these later in the year on a more "typical" day.

7:15  Conference Call with other Principals from around the Province
8:00  Go over schedule with sub-casual Education Assistant
8:15  Greet parents, help Kindergartens with coats, files, etc
8:30  Problem solve with students regarding issue on bus
9:00  Prepare for teaching
9:15  Teaching
9:50  Consult with technology support team regarding our wifi
10:10  Conference with teacher about a student
10:30  Teaching
11:30  Staff Recognition (with School Trustee) for years of service
11:45  Returning/answering phone calls from parents
12:00  Problem solving wifi issue
12:15  Parent-teacher meeting
1:00  Lunch, check email
1:30  Phone calls with parents, meeting with parent
2:15  Conference with teacher about a student
2:30  Scheduling work (planning ahead)
3:00  Setting up computers in the lab
3:45  Report card writing
4:15  Meet with teacher about a student
4:30 Connect with custodian about the day, health concerns, and school schedule
4:45  Lesson planning 
5:00  Solving a problem re school equipment
5:30  Time to head home!

Kelda Logan