All Ages Event at ArtSpring

posted Sep 20, 2016, 11:08 AM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Sep 20, 2016, 11:09 AM ]
Hello Everyone!

I'm writing to tell you about an upcoming all-ages event at ArtSpring. On October 14 and 15, ArtSpring will be hosting a Celebration of the Arts. We'll have displays by artists, artisans and craftspeople set up in the ArtSpring lobby, doing demonstrations of how they produce their work.

On the evening of the 14th, there will be an Artists Mashup, a fun and zany event where artists of different genres (eg. a painter and a dancer) will put together a short performance piece to present on the stage.

Displays and demos will be up all day on the 15th (10 am - 3 pm), as well as interactive children's activities from 10 am to noon. From noon to 1:30 pm on the 15th, there will be performances for kids on the stage.

Here's a link to all the info on our website:

Danielle Hubbard
Marketing Manager
ArtSpring Theatre
tel: 250-537-2125