A Note About Configurations

posted Sep 23, 2014, 10:18 AM by Kelda Logan
Dear Parents,

This year, our school configurations look like this:

Kindergarten - Ms Curtis
Grade 1 - Mrs Burgess
Grade 2 - Ms Lee
Grade 3/4 - Ms Kennedy
Grade 4/5 - Mr McPhee

It is unusual not to have ALL of our classes multi-age or multi-grade classes, so I wanted to let you know the reasons for configuring this way.  Multi-age classes are the preferred configuration because a diversity of ages is known to make for a vibrant and healthy classroom.  When we configure, we look at grade numbers, and compositions such as gender, age, student strengths, friends, etc.  

Currently, our numbers in grade 1 and 2 are quite high, so pulling just one or two students from another grade would not make the most sense for the students; generally a more healthy multi-grade configuration has a nice mix of ages.  

Within a single "grade level," we also realize that there is a healthy diversity in our students, and we hope to capitalize on this diversity that exist within each of our students.

Please feel free to contact the teachers or myself if you have further questions about the configurations this year.


Kelda Logan