A Positive Start

posted Sep 4, 2015, 12:41 PM by Kelda Logan

Welcome Back!

We have been working madly on getting the school ready for all of our students and I have to say, I've never seen it look so good!  Thanks to all the staff who have helped to make this happen.

About Multiage Classrooms

Almost all of our classrooms will be multiage this year.  Parents sometimes feel that this may not be the best situation for their child (especially if their child is in the older grade i the class).  However, we teacher children, not grades.  A mixture of of ages take the focus off the need for sameness and support the gifts each learner brings to the class.  Our staff is absolutely committed to being responsive to the individual needs of all of our children and will create the best learning situation for them, no matter where the sit on the continuum of their learning.

About Placement of Students

Placing students in classrooms is a procedure that takes hours of thoughtful consideration, consultation and revision by the staff.  We have received useful information from parents who submitted our student information forms in the Spring. We also receive useful information from past teachers and our observations on the playground. We will make every effort to accommodate requests that were made; it isn't always possible though.  Building effective classrooms is a challenging task (and made more challenging by the fact that our school is now FULL), but the most important and influential factor is the combination of students who together create the culture of the class; we have worked hard to make balanced classes.


Parents as Partners

Parent participation is an essential part of a child's success.  We want you to feel welcome and comfortable in our school!  Please ask your child's teacher how you can be involved in the classroom, or feel free to come and play with the children at recess or lunch.  We love to have parents in the school as it makes our lovely school feel even more like home.  Some ways you can be involved: register for our one to one reading program, join the PAC and attend meetings, do safe arrival in the mornings, attend field trips, offer a unique learning experience, attend whole school meetings (Monday mornings)....and more!

Supporting Your Child's Transition 

September can sometimes be a challenging month for children.  Coming back to school, seeing friends, a brand new teacher and class can be both exciting and can create anxiety.  You, as a parent, can have a positive influence on your children by being enthusiastic about the school year, even if there disappointments.  Helping your child to believe in themselves and giving them skills to be able to turn any situation into a positive one is an important skill for life.  Please let your teacher know if you notice your child having challenges with their transition.

Some tips for a great start to school:

-Early and regular bedtimes
-Healthy eating with less sugar, more healthy protein and fruits and vegetables
-Prepare your child by talking about school, picking out clothes, preparing lunches or school supplies together, writing letters to their new teacher, etc.
-Keep a balance between school and extracurricular activities (especially at the beginning of the year) - too many demands can lead to tiredness and anxiety
-Remain positive around your child about school 
-Use a "growth" mindset - we are here to learn new skills and are not expected to be "expert" at anything yet...we should be learning until we are 147 years old!

Enjoy these first days - we can't wait to see you all!