Bus Notes Required - please read!!

posted Nov 15, 2019, 3:55 PM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Nov 15, 2019, 4:09 PM by Kelda Logan ]

There has to be a note with children from their parents or guardians who would like their child to either ride the bus home with a friend or to be dropped off someplace other than their regular stop. 

This is for the safety of the children so everyone is informed. 

A simple "my dad said" is not enough. 

If a child gets on the bus saying this, it adds confusion on the bus and holds us up leaving the school on time. Our buses, when they finish their Fernwood run, must then do the high school run and those students are in turn late leaving, making further issues.   

 If a child does not have a note, they will not board the bus and will come in and phone home for pick up instead of phoning for permission late in the day, getting voicemail etc, and holding up the departure of the bus. 

Your child, all other students and parents, your Teacher, the office staff and the Bus Drivers appreciate your cooperation with this.