Cross Boundary Students: Application Requests are Done Annually

posted Jan 23, 2020, 4:17 PM by Leah Ashford

The Board of Education (School District #64) requires cross boundary requests to be made annually by parents or guardians to the Superintendent of Schools using the Cross Boundary Application Form (reference: Policies and Procedures 530 and 700).

We will send home a form to parents next week. Please return the form to Fernwood as soon as is possible as they are date stamped once they arrive at the Board Office.    You can send it to school with your child if it helps.  The form can also be found at:

 We will assist with your responsibility to have it arrive at the Board office by their deadline of March 15th by obtaining the required signatures on your behalf and forwarding the completed form for you.  Separate forms are required for each child. Although the deadline is March 15th, please do this BEFORE March 15th as March 15th falls on a Sunday and the deadline would be March may take some time for our office here to obtain the required signatures and then forward it on for you.