Do you drop your child off in the morning?

posted Oct 12, 2018, 10:53 AM by Leah Ashford
Safe Arrival:
We are in need of volunteers in the morning for approximately 20 minutes for the Safe Arrival Program. This is a very important program we have at Fernwood Elementary has been run by parent volunteers for over 10 years. If a child is not at school, but is supposed to be, the child's parents are phoned to assure they are safe. In order for this program to run effectively, parents are first asked if they would like to be called for this program and if they do they must call into the Fernwood Elementary School's "safe arrival phone line" at 250-537-5386 which is the voicemail line that parent volunteers will be listening too each morning. (It's also important to check in to the office if your child is late so that you do not get a phone call.) If you are able to volunteer please let Leah or the Parent Advisory Council know.   ( or 537-9332)