ELF Update from Early Childhood Educator, Andrea Hollingsworth

posted Sep 17, 2020, 2:35 PM by Leah Ashford
Hello ELF (Strong Start) Families,
We are excited about the start of the new school year and want to share what we know so far.
All three ELF programs on Salt Spring will begin in early October, as Mundy, Janice and Andrea will be working in the kindergarten classrooms for all of September, supporting teachers and students with their new classes.
As we’re sure you can all imagine, we are working with extensive Health and Safety protocols in order to create safe and fun meeting places.
We are presently making plans in collaboration with our principals and district Early Learning Coordinator.
At this time, all of our programming is being planned for outdoors and we are looking at a variety of locations including school grounds, community parks, beaches and trails. These sessions will be shorter than our usual hours and will (most likely) require online registration/scheduling.
If you would like to be on an ELF email list, please contact the Administrative Assistants at your local(catchment) school.
Fernwood: lashford@sd64.org
Fulford: fulford@sd64.org
Salt Spring Elementary: cengland@sd64.org
We are looking forward to catching up with you all and will be back in touch as soon as we have our plans confirmed.

Andrea Hollingsworth

Early Childhood Educator