First Day Information

posted Aug 29, 2017, 11:35 AM by Kelda Logan
Here is the First Day information for students at Fernwood.  Students usually go back to their previous classes on the first day.  However, this year we have a few exceptions.  Please review the list below to find out where your son/daughter should go on the first day.

First day:
8:30 - 10:00 am
Buses on regular routes (bus #4 will leave about 10:25 am).  

Where does my child go on the first day of school?

Last year regular Ks - with Liis Graham in Library

New Ks regular program- with Malindi Curtis

Holmes’ previous 1 / 2 class - with Alison Bain (previous computer lab)

Burgess previous 1 / 2 class - with Linda Burgess

Lee previous 3s class - with Sharon Lee

Hingston previous 4s class - with Ms Hingston

New intermediate students with Andrew McPhee

New primary students with Myriah Michaux (previous music room)

Nature classes: please go to your new class on the first day:
Saplings K/1 with Ms Holmes
Alders with Miss Erika
Cedars with Ms Meghan

Second day:
This is a full day of classes, except for Kindergarten students.  Today, you will return to the class you went to YESTERDAY, just for a little while.  At about 8:45, we will have everyone move to their new class, as applicable.