Inclement Weather Procedures (snow!)

posted Dec 21, 2017, 2:07 PM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Dec 21, 2017, 2:15 PM ]

If we are notified by the District Transportation Department of changes to a regular bus run we will post it on our school news page, email if possible and activate a 'snow phone chain' when possible. Updates are posted at  also. 

Buses running on main roads only  (see attached schedule)

·schools are open as normal; staff expected to report for work as normal

•  “Main Roads Only” Bus schedule means that Bus 5 picks up from the Vesuvius ferry terminal and runs along Vesuvius Road then turns left at Central and comes up North End Road (it does not run up Sunset or the North End/Southey area at all). Bus 4 Main Roads means the bus leaves the middle school picking up past Central and North End along the way to Fernwood School. 

Bus 4 main roads leaving Fernwood:

Route: depart Fernwood, travel down North End Road and Lower Ganges Rd on its way to the Middle School. 

Buses not running, but schools open

·most students will likely not attend, but school is open

·staff expected to attempt to come to work; if impossible or if very unsafe after trying, staff can report to a school nearer their home or call in to dispatch and the School to let us know that they will not be able to make it in due to the road conditions/weather, etc.

Schools Closed

·only in the most extreme cases would the school actually be closed

·staff not expected to attempt to come to work (unless they are already there)

If it snows after students have arrived at school:

We will enact our Inclement Weather Plan after we are told that due to heavy snowfall.

Buses could  be leaving before the scheduled time, the school will attempt to contact all parents to make sure that they know that students will be bused. Our plan is to deploy all staff to make the phone calls.

Please note that:

• it is very important that parents have updated their contact information in the office

• this includes the names of alternate contacts and their recent phone numbers

• if we can’t contact a parent or an alternate, that student will remain at school - but please understand that staff for safety reasons may also be needing to leave the school as well so if you notice snow outside, please call - we don't mind! 

• if parents arrive at school to pick up their children, they are required to let their Teacher know

• if a student is going to be picked up by an adult other than a parent or recorded alternate, the parent should call the office and let us know; otherwise we cannot allow the student to leave the school

Leah Ashford,
Dec 21, 2017, 2:07 PM