Introducing your PAC Class Reps

posted Nov 4, 2015, 11:13 AM by Leah Ashford
Kindergarten Class - Dawna Rae Friesen 
1/2 Class - Glenn May 
2/3 Class - Camilla Anderson 
K-3 Ms Erika - Brett Webb 
K-3 Ms Megan - Kate Hosie 
3/4 Class - Helen Buck and Christie Roome
4/5 Class - Kiran Dhingra 

The PAC would like to thank the above parents for volunteering as Class Reps.  Now each of our 7 classrooms has a parent assigned to the role of Classroom Representative (co-parent representatives is an option).  Reps will act as a liaison between parents in the classroom and PAC. Each Rep will decide on how they wish to be contacted should parents want to contact them (ie. by email) and will contribute agenda items for discussion at PAC meetings.  The next PAC meeting will be Wednesday, November 18 (time TBA - evening or afterschool in the School Staffroom).

From you PAC Exectuve:
Patrick Ashford, President
Helen Buck, Treasurer
Nicola Byron and Leah Ashford, PAC Executive Secretaries