Items You May be Missing

posted Jan 19, 2017, 3:48 PM by Leah Ashford
Parent Volunteer, Perry Ruehlen, has kindly offered to wash and remove the lost and found items that line our hallway and hooks. Once washed the items will be driven off island to thrift stores as the ones here are overwhelmed and not accepting anything at this time...nor were they accepting the last time we did this.  Please write your child's name in their belongings when possible and we will return those items to your child's hook. Items heading off island are ski mitts, winter coats, hoodies, pants, socks, t-shirts and more. It's very likely they belong to Fernwood Families. If you can remind your child to check the items lined down the hallway this Monday, we would like to get them to you.  Thank you! It just seems a shame to round up bags of items yet again.