K-12 Innovation in School District 64: How are we doing?

posted Apr 26, 2016, 11:47 AM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Apr 28, 2016, 10:48 AM ]
During the past year, Gulf Islands School District was selected by BC’s Innovation Partnership to 
participate in a K-12 innovation project that focuses on “Communicating Student Learning”  Teachers in 
the district have participated in workshops to explore various practices for communicating student 
learning to students and parents.  

Our purpose is to refine our assessment and reporting practices to best support student learning and to 
provide parents with good information about their child’s progress. During this first year many teachers 
in K-8 classrooms are enhancing student-led conferences, student portfolios, student and peer 
assessments, and learning stories.   At the secondary level, one of the ways the Robotics 10-12 class is 
supporting learning is with descriptive summaries of student progress from both teacher and student via 
electronic portfolios.

As we move forward with planning for the coming school year, we want to share your experiences as a 
learner and as a parent.  
You’re invited to go to the district website at www.sd64.bc.ca, and click the 
“Parent and Community Survey” link to complete the survey on “Communicating Student Learning.”  
The link is here: 

Students will have an opportunity to take the student survey (Grades 1-5) at school. 

The survey will be open until end of day on May 9, 2016.   

We look forward to hearing from you.