Message from Your PAC

posted Sep 24, 2015, 2:30 PM by Leah Ashford
Please consider getting involved in the school community by joining PAC - the officially recognized collective voice of parents in the school! 

The first PAC meeting of the year will be held Tuesday, September 29 at 3:30 pm in the FERNWOOD  library. We will introduce our new PAC President, our current Treasurer, and your PAC Secretaries. We are looking for volunteers to fill the executive positions of Treasurer and DPAC (the representative to the District) and for helping hands for jobs big and small. 

High priority volunteer needs that concern your child NOW are:

1) Safe Arrival  (if you would like the opportunity to be present in the school for an extra half hour when you drop your child off at school once per week). Now would be a good time to let the school know if you would not like the the parent volunteer to call you at home if your child is not at school when they should be. (some parents do not participate if they drop their child off directly for example)

2) Hot Lunches ( if you can help out once per month to deliver lunch to classrooms at 12:15 pm on a hot lunch day - you would need to be available starting at 11:30 am)

3) Lice Checks (if you can be 1 of 4 parents available on a mondaytuesday, or wednesday morning from 9 to 11 or part of that - we have 2 very kind :) volunteers already and will not start until we have 4 due to the size of the school population)

Please email your FERNWOOD PAC at 

Thank you!