Mrs. Walker's Music Video #11- Bolero - April 30/20

posted Apr 30, 2020, 10:20 AM by Leah Ashford

Hi Everyone! It’s Mrs. Walker,

I hope you’ve had a good couple of days, both inside your house and outside as well. I’ve been trying to get out every day this week for a walk, as I’ve mentioned in other messages. I use my walks as a break between work in the morning and afternoon, and it really clears my head and makes me feel fresh and energized again; ready to get back to it.  I head out for a walk along one of our beautiful country roads. When I used to live in the city I would walk there as well, but I would walk on sidewalk after sidewalk, listening to the honking traffic noises and breathing in all the smells of car exhaust and hot pavement. Now, my walks are full of the scents of fields, of new blossoms and leaves, and even sometimes the smell of cow poop! Ha ha, it’s all part of living in a rural neighborhood - such a treat. My city friends would be so envious! Get out and see how many new smells you find, now that Spring is here!

Today’s video is a very special one. It’s the members of The New York Philharmonic Orchestra playing from their homes to stay healthy, instead of in the concert hall where they usually perform. An orchestra as you might remember, is made up of a group of musicians who have learned a special instrument so well, that they are experts at it. Many of them teach their instrument to young people like yourselves, as well as spend their days practicing with their orchestra friends so that they can put on the best Symphony concerts possible. Often the music they play is called “Classical music”, and was written by composers up to hundreds of years ago! Other times, they may have concerts with other genres of music such as pop, country, or broadway, but these concerts focus on the beauty of the instruments being expertly played together, and the talent it takes for the musicians to play them. Once we are able to get back to attending concerts, you and your family might be interested in going to one of the free concerts that are given in the summer by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. Just check out their website for details.

In this video, the musicians are playing a famous piece called “Bolero” by a French composer, Maurice Ravel, written in 1928 ( over 90 years ago ). It was originally written for a famous Russian ballerina, and is Ravel’s most famous composition. The New York Symphony members are playing this piece to thank the many healthcare workers who spent countless hours helping some of the sick people in New York. We have many healthcare workers ( your moms and dads? ) on Salt Spring that we can dedicate this music to as well! I will include the numbers on the video where special instruments play. I hope you enjoy this beautiful piece of Classical music ( possibly a new style of music for you? ), and the thanks that are coming from the musicians that are playing it.


Mrs. Walker


1) SNARE DRUM starts, and continues throughout, keeping time – only Percussion instrument ( sound is made from hitting or scraping them )

2) VIOLINS, VIOLAS, CELLOS, HARP  plucking start right away with the drum  - Stringed instruments ( sound is made from the vibrating strings either plucking or bowing )

3) FLUTE   :22  Woodwind instrument ( were once made of wood, and the sound comes from blowing across the mouthpiece )

4) CLARINET  :44  Woodwind instrument

5) BASSOON  1:11  Woodwind instrument

6) CLARINET  1:31  Woodwind instrument

7) DOUBLE BASSES 1:53  Stringed Instrument – plucked here rather than bowed

8) OBOE  1:59  Woodwind instrument

9) TRUMPET 2:19 Brass instrument ( made of brass, plus sound is made by buzzing your lips against the cupped mouthpiece )

10) TROMBONE  2:45 Brass instrument with a slide

11) FLUTES, PICCOLOS ( baby flute ), OBOES, CLARINETS  3:07  Woodwind instruments

12) VIOLAS AND VIOLINS ( bowing ) 3:33 Woodwind instruments

13) CELLOS 4:20  Woodwind instrument

14) TRUMPET AND OBOE  5:00  Brass instrument, Woodwind instrument

15) BASSOON AND CONTRABASSOON  5:09 ( Contrabassoon is lower ) Woodwind instruments

16) TUBA , FRENCH HORN, AND TROMBONE  5:52  Brass instruments

17) EVERYONE!  6:12