Mrs. Walker's Music Video #6- I'll Think of You - April 14/20

posted Apr 14, 2020, 1:13 PM by Leah Ashford

Hi Everyone! It’s Mrs. Walker,

Well, we are now into our fifth week of distancing from others and staying home. It’s HARD to follow what Dr. Henry, BC’s head doctor, has asked us to do. I’m sure that you miss your friends, your family members who live off-island, and getting out and doing fun things with others. However, fewer and fewer people now are getting sick ( Yahoo! ), and it’s because you’re being a caring islander and staying home, so that the virus can’t spread to others. We have to keep doing exactly what we’re doing for a while longer, because its making a difference! So, please be patient, and keep up the great work! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again when this virus is gone. We will be together again very soon.

Our video for today is by a group of musical friends lead by singer Kurt Hugo Schneider, who decided to work together to record some of their amazing talent. It is an example of “a cappella” singing, which you’ll remember means “singing without instruments.” These four singers have not only mastered a cappella singing in harmony ( listen to how they sing different notes at the same time ), but can also sing beautifully while clapping hands with each other, in perfect time to their song. I can’t imagine how many times they had to practice this, and when they made mistakes, they would have had to start all over again (maybe hundreds)! Their practice and patience definitely paid off though because when you listen, you’ll hear that this recording is close to perfect! I hope you like it.

Have a great week! If you have any questions about any of the music I’ve sent, please just ask. I’m loving the many messages and pictures some of you are sending my way.  I’m hoping that listening to this music is a relaxing, stress-free, part of your week. I’m so lucky to be your music teacher.


Mrs. Walker❤️