Ms Walker's Music Videos #1 to #5

posted Apr 7, 2020, 11:12 AM by Leah Ashford   [ updated Apr 9, 2020, 1:48 PM ]

From Ms Walker: "Parents please be advised that the videos may have advertisements that precede them, that you might want to skip or forward through. "

Music Video #5-  "Brother" April 9/20

Hi Everyone! It’s Mrs. Walker,


What beautiful, sunny days we’ve been having! I hope you’re getting outside during this distancing time, and enjoying some fresh air.  I make sure every day to get out for a walk with someone from my family. While we‘re walking, we catch up with everything that’s been going on, and laugh about some of the funny things that have been happening. When our walk is over, I always feel so much better. I’ve also been baking at my house ( you might have heard my smoke alarm go off a few times..... ), and my husband is pretty happy about all the extra treats! While I’d rather be at school with all of you, and I sometimes feel sad, this time away is an opportunity for us all to do some fun things that we often don’t have time for, when school keeps us so busy. You are all so talented at many things; drawing, writing, painting, building - the list is endless! I’m always amazed at the beautiful projects I see, that you have created at school. Now is an opportunity to do more of what you love, just at home.


Today’s video is by a very talented Canadian duo from Ontario, Peter Katz and Royal Wood. You know how much I love to support Canadian musicians, and these two are really exceptional. Their song is such a favourite of mine because of it’s wonderful message, definitely one to pass on, for families to enjoy on a holiday weekend. It is about the special bond that happens between brothers, or sisters. I know that you have all been in very close quarters with people in your family because of the virus, and sometimes that causes us to become impatient with people we love, and get angry with them. It sure happens to me!  But it’s important to remember that  in the end, the people we love and who love us back, will always be extra special. An apology is all it takes to get back to being happy with one another, and in times like these, apologies build stronger relationships. This song has beautiful harmonies between both singers, and that, added to the sound of the acoustic guitar, makes it a treat to listen to. I hope you enjoy it – feel free to send me a message if you have questions or comments!


I hope this weekend you have a chance to spend some time outside with the people who are special to you, do some exploring around your house, and enjoy discovering some signs of Spring that have suddenly appeared in the past few days ( my favourites are the cherry blossoms🌸 ). I’m thinking of you all, and am sending you a big Easter hug! See you all soon!




Mrs. Walker

 Music Video #4- Good to Be Alive - April 7/20 

Hi everyone! It’s Mrs. Walker,

I hope everyone is doing well at home;  helping out around the house, having some good family time, getting some fresh air and exercise, and connecting with their teachers too!  All of the principals, teachers, EAs and Administrative Assistants have been meeting through video chats so that we can send out the very best teaching ideas that we have, straight to you! There are so many different, cool ideas that I know are going out to students. I hope the connections that we teachers are making with you helps everyone feel like we are all in this together, and that teachers are not forgetting their students - far from it! We miss you a lot! 

Our video today is a good example of music that can put you in a happy mood ( I was dancing around my living room listening to it! ).  Some of our videos will be thoughtful, some sad, and some beautiful, but this one will hopefully make you feel like dancing! American artist Andy Grammer  first made this song popular in 2015, and then has chosen to sing it with the PS22 Chorus, the choir of kids your age that we often listen to. In this video they seem to be having so much fun singing with him! We can tell by their energy and facial expressions as they sing - the very same things I remind you about when we practice for OUR concerts. As you’ll see in this video, they’re great singers, but so are all of you. I couldn’t be prouder of the job you all did this year in my music class!

The students of this choir have been split into two groups. The ones in the blue shirts are the “sopranos”, which is an italian word and musical term for the singers who sing the higher notes, and those in the red shirts are the “altos“, another italian word and musical term for the singers who sing the second higher (lower) notes. When both groups sing their notes together, it’s called “ harmony” . The harmony notes are specially written into a song  to fit together like a puzzle, so it is an even more beautiful sound you hear when they’re sung together. We have sung harmony in many of our concert songs too! 

I hope this video “Good to Be Alive” puts a smile on your face! Remember that I’m thinking about you all, and while I’m missing you, I know we’ll all be back together again soon! If you have any questions or comments, my email is below.


Mrs. Walker

Hi everyone!

It’s Mrs. Walker. I hope you’re all doing well right now. I know it’s very tough not being able to do everything that you’re used to doing,  but British Columbians are doing such a good job of staying safe at home, that it’s really helping! I hope that you’re proud of the kindness you’re showing to others and the difference you and your family are making by staying at home for now. Keep up the great work!

I’ve chosen a song today that we sang in our Spring Concert last year, and it’s a very famous one - “Blackbird” by The Beatles. I decided to post two versions of Blackbird. The first one is by a Canadian singer who lives in our very own province of B.C., Sarah McLachlan. I loved hearing her version because I’m always so proud to listen to any Canadian musicians, as you have often heard me say!  Also, it’s the version that is so much like the one many of us have sung at school. Sarah chose to only be accompanied by a simple, beautifully- played acoustic guitar, which lets the beauty of her voice, and the words written by the Beatles, really be the most important thing.

Then, I had to add the second video which is also a version of Blackbird, but one that is sung by a 16-year-old Mi’kmaq student from Nova Scotia.  Emma Stevens sings the Beatles song in the language of her First Nation with such a simple beauty!  In reading about her, I found out how proud she was to have so many people enjoy her song, and how happy she was that it taught others about her native language- one that seems to be slowly disappearing. As well, Paul McCartney one of the Beatles, met with Emma personally to thank her for singing his song so perfectly! Wow!

I hope you enjoy both versions with your family. I love hearing from you. Send along your comments on our music, or updates on how you’re doing to Know that I miss you all, but we’ll see each other real soon!

Until next time, here’s a hug!

Mrs. Walker 

Music Video #1- March 30/20

Hi everyone. It’s Mrs. Walker,

I really miss you all so much! I hope that you’re all doing well and most importantly, staying at home, and washing, washing, washing your hands. Mine are like a lobster‘s!  I’m at home in my house on Cranberry Road. The thing that helps me most when I can’t be at school teaching you, and when things around me aren’t quite the same as usual, is to listen to some beautiful music. It always helps so much to make me feel calm, peaceful, and hopeful again. So, I thought that since our Spring Concert is cancelled for now, at least I can search for some beautiful music to forward on to you. These pieces will be especially chosen for us all to listen to, to help us to know we’re all together and supporting one another, even though we’re not in the school together, but at home.

The first piece is one of my all-time favourites, Humble and Kind, by Tim McGraw. It is a country song that we sang in the Spring Concert two years ago, but even to this day I still like to watch the video,  because of it’s message of kindness, and how it shows the importance of music all around the world. Even though different countries and cultures have different ways of doing things, this video shows how connected we all are by music, and how we all only want to have happy families and to live in peace. Just enjoy this beautiful video with the people that you have in your house right now, or even  by yourself, and know that I’m thinking about you and sending this music out to you with a huge hug! We will see each other again very soon!

Lots of love for now, 

Mrs. Walker