ORCCA Dental Clinic Society Offers Services

posted May 5, 2016, 2:49 PM by Leah Ashford

O.R.C.C.A. stands for Oral Care for Children and Adolescents.


Its purpose is to provide children and adolescents under 19 years of age from low-income families access to oral care in a not for profit setting. It is based on the beliefs that all children and adolescents have the right to healthy oral care and that effective oral care positively transforms the health and lives of children and adolescents. Further goals include positively contributing to the knowledge of children and adolescents in their personal oral care development, fostering public participation in supporting oral care for children and adolescents as well as encouraging participation in developing community resources.


The clinic is built in the annex of Sidney Elementary School at 2281 Henry Avenue in Sidney, B.C. 

It has been in operation since early spring 2015. Please see more information at: