PAC Update

posted Sep 15, 2016, 8:45 PM by Leah Ashford
Vacant PAC Executive Positions this year: Let us know if you are interested! It's difficult to schedule a meeting without a President or Secretary  (their kids have finished attending Fernwood)! Let the school know if you are considering either of the roles. It's of particular benefit to the new PAC Secretary or Co-Secretaries if you want to share it, to have access to Leah in the office, who served as PAC Secretary for four years.  In the meantime we will work on setting a date for the first get-together.

Filled PAC Executive Positions: Treasurer, Brett Webb and DPAC Rep (District PAC Rep), Tisha Boulter.  Thank you Brett and Tisha.

Every parent is a member of the PAC no matter if they are on the Executive or not.

The PAC meets approximately 6 times per year to hear what is happening at the school, discuss parents’ issues/concerns, and provide advice to the school in order to foster and grow a strong relationship between the school and parents.

If I come to a PAC meeting, do I have to volunteer or sign up to help with events?

Absolutely not! If you want to volunteer, there are opportunities to do that, however, if you simply want to attend the PAC meetings to be better informed, you are more than welcome, and you are encouraged to attend.

If I have a question or concern?


Some 'thank yous' so far...

Hot Lunches: Stay tuned for proposed hot lunch dates for the months of September, October, November and December...thank you to parent, Samantha Chamberlin, for taking on this hot lunch organization.  Once we've checked over dates with Teachers and food vendors a notice will come home.

Safe Arrival:  thank you to Perry Ruehlen and Cheryl Roehlig for volunteering to start Safe Arrival phoning (we'll start with two days until we get more volunteers).

Thank you as well to the 4 additional parents who added their name to a list for general volunteering the night of the Meet the Teacher Night.  Opportunities to volunteer for events that benefit your child are: the book fair, hot lunches, safe arrival, lice checks, bake sales, Christmas Raffle, and more.