Photo Day

posted Apr 7, 2015, 9:34 PM by Leah Ashford
Information flyers from Lifetouch Photography will be going home with students this week. 
Photo Day is this Monday, April 13th. 
You won't want to be late as the Whole School Photo will be taken shortly after the bell goes. It will be outside if the weather is nice. 
After the Whole School Photo, classes will go back inside and be called out for their classroom photos.
There will be an opportunity for individual portraits as well. The Spring  process by Lifetouch is much simpler than in the Fall. If your child sits for a photo, a package of proofs, free of charge, will automatically be sent to the school about a week later and you can choose to order them at that time. Because there is normally a smaller amount of children usually getting their photo done in the Spring, Lifetouch does not schedule a "retake day". You may have to attend a retake day at another school or go to their studio off island if it is pursued that far. 
Every child receives a class photo for free. 
The Whole School Photo and Individual Photos can be ordered for a fee.