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School Begins on Monday!

posted Sep 19, 2014, 11:33 AM by Kelda Logan
Hello Fernwood Families,

I'm pleased to say that schools will be in session on Monday.  I know all of us are excited to begin the year at last.

Monday is an Early Dismissal day; classes run from 8:25 - 10:00 only, which then gives us time to organize our enrolment and decide on classroom compositions.  School will be full days (except for Kindergartens) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

For Monday and the beginning of Tuesday, please have students go to the following classes...

Kindergarten:  Malindi Curtis
Grade 1:  Diane Kray (in the library)
Grade 2:  Linda Burgess 
Grade 3:  Sharon Lee/Linda Lee
Grade 4:  Moray Kennedy
Grade 5:  Andrew McPhee

Children will be moving to their new classrooms some time on Tuesday.

For those who ride buses, they will be running on the first day.  Bus 5 will leave the school at 10:00 am and bus 4 will leave at about 10:25.  

Leah can help you determine bus routes if your son/daughter is new to the bus system.

Please enjoy this last summery weekend, and we all look forward to seeing you on Monday morning!


Kelda Logan