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Spring Fling

posted Feb 16, 2018, 2:01 PM by Kelda Logan
Here is a message from our PAC about the upcoming school dance!

Hi all,
Most of you know, or have heard that we have a new event this year at Fernwood. It’s happening March 15th and it’s the Spring Fling! It’s a family dance for all of the kids, siblings and parents of our Fernwood kids. We have posters up around the school hoping to get everyone excited!

There is a committee in place that is already hard at work putting this event together! We have food, refreshments, games, music, lighting and decorations in the works!  If you are interested in helping organize or run the dance, please contact the PAC, and to order tickets or food for the dance, please go to the Munchalunch site:


The Fernwood PAC