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Staffing Information for 2016-17 School Year

posted Jun 15, 2016, 4:31 PM by Kelda Logan
Next year will bring a few changes to Fernwood Elementary.  

Our beloved EA, Catherine Shaw Pomajzl, is retiring.  We wish her well and know we will see her next year on a volunteer basis (she has promised to come back to run knitting club again, for example).  Catherine, you will be missed!  We are pleased to welcome Jill Schulze who is our new EA and who has been a Fernwood parent and PAC member in the past.  A big Fernwood welcome to Jill!

We also welcome to our school a new teacher, Melissa Hingston, who brings enthusiasm and a love of learning outdoors with her to the school.  A big Fernwood welcome to Melissa!

Our numbers have grown by enough students that we will have an 8th classroom next year.  At this time, our best guess is that our classes will be STRAIGHT GRADE classes (K, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, etc.) except for our multiage nature classes) - this is simply because of numbers.  Some years we have straight grade classes, and some years we have every class as a multiage class.  Configurations of our classes cannot be finalized until the beginning of September because we get so many registrations over the summer.  We will do our best to plan for balanced classrooms where student learning is optimized and will notify everyone at the beginning of the year once this is in place.  

If you have information about your child that you would like the school to know, please talk to your child's current teacher or Kelda Logan who will pass the information on to your child's teacher next year.