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Summer Swim Team Registration Open

posted Mar 8, 2017, 1:29 PM by Leah Ashford

Early-bird online registration for the Salt Spring Stingrays summer swim team is now open!

The Salt Spring Stingrays is a competitive summer swim team for children aged 6-18. Our team trains from May until August at the Rainbow Road Pool. 

New swimmers of all ages are most definitely welcome!

There are so many benefits to belonging to the swim team! Stingrays have the opportunity to pursue both team and individual goals; they learn how to swim all four strokes more efficiently and they work towards developing a high level of fitness through both in-pool and dry-land training. Our swimmers also make new friends and enjoy being part of an amazing and supportive, multi-aged team. The older swimmers have the opportunity to develop leadership skills while they mentor the younger members of the team, and all of our Stingrays have a lot of fun while striving to achieve their personal best!

Register today and receive the early-bird discount.! Early-bird registration continues until March 17 , regular registration takes place from March 18 to April 30. Training begins on May 1.

The fees are the same as they were last year- $400 for Division 1 and 2, $450 for Div 3 and 4, and $500 for Div 5-8. A sibling discount of 20% for the 2nd swimmer in the same family, and 40% for the 3rd or 4th child will also apply. All swimmers must pay the $40 BCSSA insurance fee. We also pay a user fee to for the use of their site for registration.

Here are a few tips for making the process easier for you:

1. The early-bird discount, which is $50, will be offered to everyone who registers on or before March 17. The discount is applied automatically when you check out. The discount will expire at midnight on March 17, Eastern Time, so 9pm Salt Spring time.

2. Before you register, please check the age locator to determine which division your swimmer is in this year. The age locator can be found here:

3. To receive the sibling discount, you must register all of your children at the same time. DO NOT enter your credit card details until you have entered information for all of your children. Once you have finished entering details for your first child, you will see a button near the top right of the screen that says ‘complete another registration’ (or something along those lines). Click on that and enter details for your next child. Repeat until all your children are entered, and only then should you proceed to the check-out to pay.

4. You will be asked to check a number of boxes, indicating that you agree to a number of conditions before you register your swimmer(s). I strongly urge you to read these waivers before you commit yourself by checking the boxes- there are some very important details outlined in the waivers.

5. Registration will continue until April 30. If you know anyone who is interested in registering their child, please forward them this email with the registration link.

If you have questions, please email me at


Here’s the for the registration site: